Early Big Stack for Michael Purcell

Early Big Stack for Michael Purcell

Level 4: 300-600/600

With the Heads-Up Championship wrapped up, it’s time to take another look at the America’s Cup, which has since reached level four. There are some 274 players out of 315 entries remaining right now.

Michael Purcell was spotted in a big three-way pot over on table 10 in which they saw a urn of . Purcell checked out of the small blind and Victor Antoci bet 8,000 into a bloated pot of around 30,000. Rui Barreira called only for Purcell to check-raise to 27,300.

Antoci folded and so did Barreira, who sighed and exposed the , then bemoaned why Antoci had bet to cost both of them more chips.

Michael Purcell – 120,000