Doke Doubles Through Lightbourne

Doke Doubles Through Lightbourne

To end the second level, Dara O’Kearney raised to 3,400 in early position and was three-bet to 10,500 by Iaran Lightbourne in middle position. O’Kearney called and the two saw a flop of Kc Tc 6d.

Check, bet (12,500), and raise all-in. Call.

We don’t think there was much of a decision on any street for either. Neither did the players, Lightbourne with Ah Ks or O’Kearney, who had flopped a set with 6s-6c.

The board paired on the Td turn, so there were outs for the Englishman, but the 5c did not provide one.

“You run too good to be true,” Lightbourne commented, good-naturedly. Doke smiled in agreeance.

It was 51,400 all told in on the flop, so the marathon Irishman has broken through the six-figure mark.