Declan O Hara Eliminated in 10th Place (€1,750)

Declan O Hara Eliminated in 10th Place (€1,750)

Level 20: 10,000-25,000/25,000
Field: 9/283

Within two hands, the stack of Declan O’Hara vanished. In a four-bet pot against Dermot Flanagan, they both had 335,000 in preflop and for the last 165,000 in after the flop.

Flanagan had the , while O’Hara had a ton of outs holding the . The turn brought more outs but the river gave Flanagan a stack of 950,000.

O’Hara had 100,000 behind and these were sent over to Alexandros Dimogiorgis right after.

They got it in after the flop. O’Hara revealed for top set. Dimogiorgis had a gutter and back doors with .

Turn … … yikes. No paired board on the river and O’Hara was out in 10th place, Dimogiorgis remained at around 1,350,000.

Declan O’Hara