Day 2 coverage of the €5,000 Luxon Pay High Roller

Day 2 coverage of the €5,000 Luxon Pay High Roller

It’s mere seconds before the first hand will be dealt in day 2 of the €5,000 Luxon Pay High Roller. We’ll follow the action continuously from start to finish; there’s no doubt we have some entertaining poker action to look forward to.

48 players advanced from day 1 and the chip count is as follows:

PlacePlayerChipsBig Blinds
1Frederik Thiemer248,500124
2Ankit Ahuja197,50099
3Leo Worthington-Leese195,00098
4Ramon Kropmanns192,00096
5Conor Beresford186,50093
6Fergal Ocathan161,50081
7Jani Tuovinen145,00073
8Jorge Artiga Pacheco138,50069
9Hugo Baudry126,50063
10Narcis Cristian Olaru124,00062
11Eugenio Peralta116,00058
12Michael Mazilu113,00057
13Yanick Loatjon111,50056
14Michel Molenaar105,50053
15Cedric Brice Eric Schwaederle100,00050
16Totti Mathias Arosuo97,00049
17Dominik Nitsche90,00045
18Donald Okelly85,50043
19Timothy Chung85,00043
20Marc Macdonnell81,50041
21Ioannis Angelou Konstas76,50038
22Marc Mueller69,50035
23Daniel Wilson66,50033
24Sven Stok66,00033
25Benjamin Spragg64,50032
26Marius Kudzmanas62,50031
27Grzegorz Kozieja60,50030
28Jamie Dwan59,50030
29Victor Pop Cuc59,50030
30Preben Stokkan56,50028
31Sondre Stormyr56,00028
32Roope Tarmi55,50028
33Raymond Wheatley54,00027
34Juho Suutari50,00025
35Chris Dowling49,00025
36Tomas Geleziunas48,00024
37Benny Glaser47,50024
38Audrius Daugvilavicius46,00023
39Tarmo Tammel43,50022
40Andrew Hulme40,00020
41Diego Montone35,00018
42Gustavo Morales34,00017
43Keith Johnson32,00016
44Csoti Sebestyen25,50013
45Scott Margereson22,50011
46Barry Grime18,0009
47Aleksi Mikael Naski10,5005
48Simon Wilson9,5005

There are some big names still in the mix; Leo Worthington-Leese, Dominik Nitsche, and PokerStars Team Pro Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg to name a few. Leading the field is Frederik Thiemer and he’s the only one with over 200,000 in chips at the moment.

Players can still buy-in for the tournament; late registration is open until the start of level 11. In other words, registration closes at 14:40.

Will PokerStars Team Pro Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg be able to conquer the €5,000 Luxon Pay High Roller?