Day 1/H Is Underway!

Day 1/H Is Underway!

The 8th and penultimate flight of the Mini Main is in effect and there’s already another 585 players who’ve thrown their hat and cash into the ring with the aim of battling for the massive prize pool.

It’s already easily eclipsed the €500,000 guarantee and it looks likely the final amount will be well north of €750,000, possibly even within touching distance of a million euros. It’s really been a huge success story so far!

Leading the counts at this juncture are John Blanchard, who has accumulated 124,000. He’ll be hoping his luck will hold as the players play down to the usual 15% of the field to the cash spots and 8% of the field at the close.

Those lucky few who make it through will coalesce once again on 12:00pm Monday 1st April for what should prove an epic battle to a winner. There’s plenty of play left in this flight though, and don’t forget later on there’s the final ninth flight Day 1/I (we’re almost running out of letters at this point).

Let’s play some poker!