Cowboys for Griffin

Cowboys for Griffin

Level 22: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)
Entries: 370/5,320

Emad Aghasi opened from under the gun before Grainne Griffin jammed from the small blind for 180,000. Gordon Huntley called off his shorter stack from the big blind and it was a three-way showdown after Aghasi came along for the ride.

Gordon Huntley:
Grainne Griffin:
Emad Aghasi:

“Nice hand,” Aghasi said to Griffin.

Although Huntley had the worst of it he had a sweat with an open-ended on the flop along with the only live flush draw. However, his equity (and chip stack) went down to zero after the turn and river completed the board to hit the rail.

Meanwhile, Griffin not only won the main pot but the side pot as well to win a huge pot with her cowboys.

Emad Aghasi – 900,000
Grainne Griffin – 425,000
Gordon Huntley – 0