Chip Counts at the Break

Chip Counts at the Break

Lawend Mardini

These are what the stacks look like for our remaining 22 6-Max Championship runners:

Lawend Mardini – glorious chip leader1,010,000
Jamie Byrne810,000
Baptiste Duny702,000
Justin Boyle570,000
Jason Hill520,000
Janis Valters450,000
Marle Spragg378,000
Gareth McMahon370,000
Carl Dobrzelewski360,000
Ross Ellis350,000
Emmett Davis350,000
Andrew Grimason305,000
Ian Gascoigne290,000
Richard O’Neill280,000
Waheed Ashraf280,000
Shaun Conroy250,000
Peter Sandberg215,000
Noel Hayes180,000
Patrick Schratz179,000
Vasyl Laba175,000
Steve O’Dwyer – having an absolute rollercoaster of an event here158,000
Michail Tastanis128,000

…And in seat order, just for fun:

11Patrick Schratz179,000
12Jason Hill520,000
13Gareth McMahon370,000
14Peter Sandberg215,000
15Vasyl Laba175,000
16Ian Gascoigne290,000
21Justin Boyle570,000
22Jamie Byrne810,000
23Carl Dobrzelewski360,000
24Janis Valters450,000
25Ross Ellis350,000
26Richard O’Neill280,000
31Steve O’Dwyer158,000
32Waheed Ashraf280,000
33Noel Hayes180,000
34Emmett Davis350,000
35Lawend Mardini1,010,000
41Marle Spragg378,000
42Andrew Grimason305,000
43Michail Tastanis128,000
45Baptiste Duny702,000
46Shaun Conroy250,000