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Teliani: Ducking and Diving

Short stacks have been taking the plunge preflop in open spots for the last quarter of a level, but if you’re a fan of showdowns, you’re in the wrong place.

Nohad Teliani moved in for 490,000 from the small blind over an open of 85,000 from a late position Tony Reilly; he declined to call her.

Next door on Table 2, Will Kassouf moved in for 430,000 preflop in mid-position and then badgered a silent Dermot Blain until he folded his big blind. That may not have been the object in the verbal torrent, however, as Kassouf let the table see Ac As.

“Not ace-five, not ace-king – ace, ace kicker!” he reminded everyone, as he won the minimum with the coconuts. He was commiserating with Devin Dsouza earlier who said that he felt like he’d been playing the whole day with ten to fifteen big blinds; they both continue to do so (for now).