Bubble Boy 2 of 3

Bubble Boy 2 of 3

Guy Taylor started this momentous pot with a limp in for 5,000 and he was raised by Eamon McNamee, in the cutoff seat, to 16,000.

“How much do you have?” Taylor inquired.

“About 175,000,” was the answer.

Taylor called and the two saw a Ks Kh 3c flop, which went check-check.

About 44,000 in the pot now and Taylor checked the Qs turn. McNamee bet 10,000 and was check-raised to 40,000. McNamee called.

The river was the Jc. Guy Taylor took a pause and while he was pausing the announcement that hand for hand was underway was made. It was in the next moment that he moved all-in.

McNamee was covered, but not by too much. The bet was something like 75,000 into 120,000.

McNamee took his time and the room waited. Finally, he called with Kc 8h, three of a kind. But Taylor had Qc Qh for the full house.

“I thought he might be putting some pressure on because of the bubble,” McNamee explained.

He seemed in good enough spirits. He will be one of our three bubble boys splitting a min cash and he also gets a ticket to the mini Irish Open tomorrow.