Bubble Boy 1 of 3 Sean Prendiville Crashes Out

Bubble Boy 1 of 3 Sean Prendiville Crashes Out

The bubble period saw play slow to a crawl – hand for hand in effect and shortstack nails being bitten to the quick.

One of these shorties, Sean Prendiville, could put off the inevitable no longer – his tournament life in constant peril with that merciless bubble looming. Pocket kings were too strong a hand to lay down though – and he took his chances, pushing his 22,500 chips across the line.

Razvan Aflacailor & Paul Rigg both made the call, Prendiville looking nervous as “ALL-IN & CALL 26″ was bellowed across the tables.

Onlookers swarmed, a palpable tension pervading the arena. Prendiville stood up and paced nervously. Money was on the line!

The dealer laid out the cards with slow deliberation:

The flop: Tc 7d 4c – check, check.
The turn: As – check, check.
The River: Ac – check, check.


Paul Rigg turned over A-8 for trips, Prendiville sadly turned over pocket kings, undone on turn and river and Aflacailor couldn’t beat Rigg.

That made Prendiville one of three bubble boys (the other hands will follow shortly) – fortunately, because more than one player was eliminated simultaneously over the final prize payout of 263 – they all chop a min payout of €1,970 (€656,67) and each win entry to the mini main tomorrow. Well played guys.