Brent Run Ends as R3 Approaches

Brent Run Ends as R3 Approaches

We joined Jamie Brent battling Gregory Blavoux and despite Brent’s cheery demeanour, it didn’t seem as though it had been a fun ride for him.

As Blavoux folded pre, Brent checked his cards and laughed in frustration. “That’s about the 6th time you’ve folded when I’ve had a premium hand!”

Blavoux and Brent noticed my presence & were curious as to why I was watching on. “Are you famous?” Blavoux asked of Brent, who laughed and shook his head.

“He’s here for me,” deadpanned the dealer to chuckles.

Brent’s journey was about to end though. Short and keen for a double, he jammed preflop and Blavoux made the call with Kd 8c. Brent was nominally ahead with As 2h but lost what was a virtual flip as the board ran out Jd 4s 4h Js 8s.

Out in 20th spot, it wasn’t long before three more players were eliminated, bringing us to the round of 16, just one match away from the quarter finals.