Boyle Joins The Rail, 8th €36,440

Boyle Joins The Rail, 8th €36,440

O’Dwyer is in such a strong position, all the other stacks are in big trouble now. The medium stacks have to tread very carefully, given O’Dwyer can apply serious ICM pressure to them and the shortstacks are almost mere morsels O’Dwyer can gobble up if he so wishes – any resistance unlikely to hurt his mountains of chips.

Justin Boyle turned out to be one of those morsels.

The fateful hand for Boyle started with Dan Wilson raising to 400k UTG with pocket nines and Boyle UTG+1 jamming for 3M with Qs Qh. O’Dwyer on the button now woke up with Ad Ks – and rejammed for a frankly obscene 22M chips.

Dan Wilson read the situation well and passed his nines and a huge flip beckoned.

Flop: Td 5h 5sA safe flop for Boyle…

Turn: KcDavid Lappin explodes several eardrums on coms in excitement – O’Dwyer takes the lead…

River: 6dNo escape for Boyle, he crashes out in 8th for €36,440, another victim of the rampaging O’Dwyer, who now has not far off half the chips in play, with 26M.