Boulton Done by Duta

Boulton Done by Duta

Level 6: 500-1,000/1,000
Field: 74/101 Remaining

Just before the blinds moved up, Josh Boulton raised in the cutoff and Florian Duta three-bet to 5,000 on the button. Boulton made it 14,000 to go and Duta came along to the flop.

Duta now bet 9,900 only for Boulton to give it some thought and then check-shove for 42,400. The call by Duta with the followed and Boulton revealed the for ace-king high only. Nothing changed with the turn and river to send Boulton packing.

Florian Gumz then arrived one seat over and inquired about the hand. “It was a four-bet pot” Duta explained and Gumz then jokingly asked for a seat change to not face “this maniac”.

Florian Duta – 139,000