Blinds 300 and 600. Pot 100000

Blinds 300 and 600. Pot 100000

A hand positively ballooned on Table 44 just now. Four-way to a Js 5h Ts flop, it checked to Augusto Evangelisti who bet 1,500. Saulius Tumosa called and small blind Vlad Andrusca then check-raised to 7,000. The big blind (Tarique Imam) thought for a while before folding, as did Evangelisti.

When action returned to Tumosa, however, he moved all in – for nearly 50,000!

Back to sole remaining opponent Andrusca, who immediately made the call. Both players flipped over Tx Jx for top two pair (no spades among them), and had a laugh about the niceness of the hands.

The turn brought the 9h and a sigh from Imam, who’d apparently folded king-queen, and the river 6h saw a chop of one of the biggest pots of the Americas Cup so far.

Tumosa: 50,000
Andrusca: 70,000