Blind Versus Blind, Feel Free to Lose Your Mind

Blind Versus Blind, Feel Free to Lose Your Mind

Mats Gramsbourg Ullereng decided not to put more money in preflop when he had had a chance.

At least, that was what we were led to believe by the post fallout commentary from both he and Lewis Craw, after the two had a rather epic confrontation in blind versus blind over on table 24. Let’s skip right to the good bit.

The board was 5h 4h 8s, 2s when the levee broke.

Ullereng had checked to Craw, who bet 13,000, but faced a turn check-raise to 45,000. You know what they say about turn check-raises don’t you? They are frightening

Craw was that, or at least he said afterwards “I just wanted to fold it anyways.” But he didn’t do that, he let loose for the turn three-bet shove, maybe a shade over 100,000. Ullereng called with two red aces. Surprise could be felt palpably on the table.

Craw was in a bad way, with 9d 9s. The river was the 8h, close but no cigar.