Big Triple for McKay Dents Carr

Big Triple for McKay Dents Carr

Level 22: 20,000-40,000/40,000

A big big pot was brewing over on table three and the blinds already moved up by the time it had all concluded.

First to act, Christopher Funari moved all-in for 655,000 and Paul Carr called in the hijack, Lee McKay then called all-in for less in the big blind.

Lee McKay:
Christopher Funari:
Paul Carr:

“Oh fuck me,” Carr exclaimed and repeated some more swear words a few times when he found his strong hand dominated by not just one but both opponents.

If he was going to hit a huge flop, it would be the as prime candidate. With the nut flush draw, he had a lot more equity but didn’t get there yet with the turn.

“Clubs or jack, clubs or jack,” Carr asked for but the paired the board. McKay tripled while Funari won the small side pot to stay in contention.

Paul Carr – 2,175,000
Lee McKay – 1,500,000
Christopher Funari – 260,000