Beckmann Doubles in Style With Quads

Beckmann Doubles in Style With Quads

Level 23: 25,000-50,000/50,000
Field: 9/172 Remaining

Simon Beckmann was the player at risk for 340,000 preflop with the and it was a classic flip against the of Michael Kane. Not one but two tens came on the flop and turn to ensure his double up, the river was too little too late for Kane.

The cards were barely reshuffled when Dominik Nitsche raise-called the all-in of Keith Johnson for 390,000 in the big blind. Johnson was ahead with versus , as Nitsche shrugged and called “it’s not that much”.

Neither player connected with the board and Johnson doubled, too.

Dominik Nitsche – 2,000,000
Keith Johnson – 865,000
Simon Beckmann – 700,000
Michael Kane – 670,000