Bad Beat Galore on Table 1

Bad Beat Galore on Table 1

Level 35: 250,000-500,000/500,000
Field: 20/5,320 Remaining

Stefano Matassa had only seen one paint card to shove and found the . He was up against Mark Smyth on the button who isolated with the and Matassa pulled a rabbit out of the deck on the runout.

Matassa was then all-in for 3,450,000 with the and Sammy O’Brien had that crushed with the .

“You know what they say, there is always a queen on the flop,” the Italian predicted and was spot on at . The aces had a royal flush draw but it bricked on the turn and river – another double!

Stefano Matassa – 7,500,000
Mark Smyth – 3,300,000
Sammy O’Brien – 2,500,000