Bad Beat Galore Brings Exit for Lebor

Bad Beat Galore Brings Exit for Lebor

Level 17: 6,000-12,000/12,000
Field: 21/172 Remaining

The first five minutes of the new level brought three all-in and call, resulting in two seat open.

Tjenno Eskes three-bet via string-bet but got it in anyways for 82,000 against Juho Suutari, then held with versus on a roller coaster runout of .

Mallory Frere then got it in with a short stack holding the and was up against the of Nicola Karl in the big blind. The board came and Karl rivered the knockout.

Last but not least, Benjamin Lebor loudly exclaimed “I am all-in” two hands in a row. Both were three-bet jams. The second hand saw him get called after Orestis Kanakopoulos had opened to 25,000 and Michael Kane called. It was Kane who came along.

Benjamin Lebor:
Michael Kane:

The superior pair made a set but the runout left Lebor in agony. “Not again,” he groaned as Kane had rivered a flush.

Michael Kane – 750,000
Nicola Karl – 200,000
Mallory Frere – Eliminated in 23rd Place (€5,300)
Benjamin Lebor – Eliminated in 22nd Place (€5,300)

Benjamin Lebor