Andrew Hedley Out in 7th place (€3,090)

Andrew Hedley Out in 7th place (€3,090)

After Benjamin Kett, Marty Gorenc and Wilhelmus Lepelaars taking it in turns to open-shove to no callers, chip leader Alessandro Pichierri just min-raised to 120k and faced a push from Andrew Hedley for 330k total. He thought about it for a while and then made the call. Hedley was ahead, but it was not to be.

Hedley: 9h 9d
Pichierri: Jh 8d

Board: 3d Tc Jc As 3h

Hedley was thus eliminated, although he did say he was quite looking forward to going to bed after a long day, so that’s something. GG, WP.

Pichierri is over 3.7 million.