An Orbit With Mor Kamber

An Orbit With Mor Kamber

America’s Cup winner Mor Kamber is grinding it out in the main today.

Instead of just bringing you the bang, zoom, crash every gigantic post, we thought we’d slow down (just for a moment, promise) and give you the rundown of what a full orbit looks like in the early stages of a championship structure tournament like this.

We start in the hijack, which Mor folded. Next hand she opened the pot to 1,200 at 200-500 in middle position, got called by the next player to act, and had to surrender when the button squeezed to 4,400. Not off to a great start!

Moving closer to early position, she folded the next two hands, before raising under the gun to 1,200. Neil Barron in the lowjack called her and everyone else ducked out of the way. Our first flop on this soon-to-be Pulitzer Prize winning narration!

9h 8h 2s (pot = 3,600)

Kamber fired out 1,100, which Barron called.

Ts ( pot = 4,800)

Kamber fired again, this time 1,800. Again Barron called.

7s (pot = 8,400)

With a four straight on board, Kamber finally checked. Barron bet 3,000. The tempting price led to an arched eyebrow, which gave way to a sigh and a call. Barron showed Ah Js — the flop float that could, and did, get there. We got the impression Barron has been a bit of a thorn in Kamber’s side at this table.

The next hand was limped four ways and what do you know, but holding Qs 2s Kamber flopped a big blind special on Qc 5c 2c. The flop checked through but she managed to get 4,000 into the pot on the 9d turn and showed down the winner on the Td river. The next few hands she folded preflop, which finishes out our orbit.

It may not seem like much of a victory, but slow and steady does it. You have to keep in mind that the name of the game is survival. In that brief orbit one player at the table busted (Eoin O’Dea took their place), another doubled, and a third, who doubled the second one, uttered the line “I knew you had a fucking three.”