Alexandros Dimogiorgis Eliminated in 4th Place (€9,020)

Alexandros Dimogiorgis Eliminated in 4th Place (€9,020)

Level 25: 40,000-80,000/80,000
Field: 3/283

Alexandros Dimogiorgis

Alexandros Dimogiorgis raised to 200,000 on the button and Robin Panholzer in the big blind potted to 640,000, which the Greek called. On a flop of , Panholzer potted and Dimogiorgis called all-in for around 600,000.

Alexandros Dimogiorgis:
Robin Panholzer:

Panholzer suspected to be in rough shape but only had to beat a pair so far. Nothing came with the turn but the struck on the river.

“E la malaka,” Dimogiorgis exclaimed as he was beaten by a mere pair of aces. For all non Greek speakers, this specific word is used very frequently and can have multiple meanings.

Anyways, Dimogiorgis is eliminated in fourth place and gets €9,020 as per the deal agreement. Panholzer takes the lead with around 3,800,000.