Alejandro Set Up in Big Hand

Alejandro Set Up in Big Hand

Clover Jacket

Nicola Alejandro just played out a big hand with Aleksi Lindholm, going to war with his stack (78,600) on a Qx 4x 8x board with Q-K-J-4 for top and bottom pair and some backdoor draws but Lindholm gave him action with Qx-Qx-Tx-xx for a crushing top set, unlikely to be bested.

So it proved as two bricks arrived to extinguish any lingering hopes of a backdoor escape route and Alejandro’s stack was knocked down to just 17.5k.

In contrast, Lindholm is soaring with 165k – a very healthy stack given the average is just 90k…

Also going well is Iwan Jones – up to an even larger 190k – and chatting with genial poker interviewer/ commentator and general legend Phil “The Tower” Heald.

102 players remain of the 283 entrants as we move through level 10.