Alan Dillon Eliminated in 2nd Place (€8,530)

Alan Dillon Eliminated in 2nd Place (€8,530)

Level 26: 60,000-120,000/120,000
Field: 1/283

Alan Dillon

The new level kicked off and the very first hand of heads-up played saw Toivo Rinne limp the button. Alan Dillon raised the pot and Rinne came along.

On the flop, Dillon checked and Rinne bet 180,000. The check-raise pot by Dillon followed, Rinne moved all-in and Dillon obliged.

Alan Dillon:
Toivo Rinne:

“Can I take a picture?” Rinne politely called and Dillon agreed in a heart beat. The turn was a blank and Dillon had just two outs. None of them came with the river and just like that, it was all over.

Both embraced and Dillon immediately said “well played, you deserve it”. Dillon receives €8,530 for the efforts and Rinne gets the €11,012 according to the four-handed deal along with the additional €4,000 for the winner, as well