A Winner Before Dinner

A Winner Before Dinner

The blinds were 200-500 with a 500 ante and everyone was heading to dinner. But Steve O’Dwyer had work to do. He raised to 1,000 under the gun and Martin Noonan flat called on the button. Alan Trueick defended his big blind as well. The rest of the table went to go eat.

The flop came 7s 5c 5h, and it checked to Noonan, who bet 1,000. Trueick got out of the way and O’Dwyer called. The 4d turn went check check fairly quickly. There was about 5,700 in the pot when the Jc arrived.

This quotidian pot was about to take a turn for the exotic. Steve O’Dwyer, maybe the most feared man in the room, decided to bet 12,000 — an overbet of slightly more than 200%.

Noonan did not release his hand immediately. You could tell he wanted to call. O’Dwyer was stoic, implacable, immovable. Eventually as Noonan folded he cracked something wise just out of our earshot, and got the statue to chuckle and smile. Early days but O’Dwyer is up to six-figure chips.

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