Andersson Ducks Out in 17th

Andersson Ducks Out in 17th

I just got there in time for the showdown but it looked like the chips went in on the flop.

Mikael Andersson: 2c 2d
Dominik Nitsche: 8c 8h

Board: 8d 6d 2s Ts 9c

Set over set, and the last two tables are now set. Andersson gets €3,965 for 17th, and Nitsche is up to 900k.

UPDATE: While I was still typing, two players seem to have been eliminated in a single three-way showdown at the same table – Aleem Kanji and Andrew Hulme.

UPDATE UPDATE: Driton Haxhiaj also appears to have exited in 14th place from the other table.